About Me

I won’t be exaggerating if I say that my personal story could have been the basis for some drama series, one episode after another of path finding and acceptance. From where I stand today, I can look back in satisfaction and confidently say I have the tools and the means to make an impact, since from the time I embarked on my path of late independent, I am constantly occupied with upgrading this version of me, as I take a satisfied look at my starting point through to where I am today.
Yes, I am quite proud of the mentoring processes I have led with hundreds of people looking to take their next step – in their life, in their career. (You are welcome to take a peek at the “Feedback” page).

My name is Rinat Nachum, I was born in Kibbutz Ha’Goshrim up north, at the most northern corner of the country. At the age of only three days old I was placed straight into co-habitation and already then, as an infant, my environment required me, albeit intuitively, to toughen up and sound my own voice. On the one hand part of a group and on the other an individual. Quite challenging…

My childhood and adolescence was spent in a southern town somewhere on the outskirts of the country. It was there that I learned it all, the day-to-day reality being a part of a community and of the wonders of the integrated embrace. When the time was right I distanced myself and began my journey that was filled with transitions and triumphs, a long journey which shaped the milestones of my life.

This year I am marking the middle of my second decade of activities consulting to successfully manage transitions in one’s life and career.  I managed myself and my career in much the same way one would introduce a new product into the market. I took my time to learn about consumption habits, the preferences in the market and focused on defining meself to be different. To be the one who brings about a message that differentiates my activity within an overcrowded and competitive market.

In recent years I have become an expert and a mentor of personal, occupational and managerial empowerment in accordance with the methodology I have developed – “THE PROJECT IS ME” as part of which I accompany executives to make a perceptional change, to change their business and personal trends, assisting senior executives to break through their own boundaries with valor.

"I believe that every person has a wide and powerful internal world that can overcome anything – if only they believe. I believe that there is something greater than us directing all movements in nature and in our soul… all we have to do is pay attention to the signs. I believe that first impressions are important, yet it's imperative to leave room to respect familiarity and proving oneself over time."